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Viktor Korchnoi the Great!!

As a rule, the more mistakes there are in a game, the more memorable it remains because you have suffered and worried over each mistake on the board. –Viktor Korchnoi How to spell “Political asylum”? Questioned Korchnoi to Antony Miles. Both the players were joint winners of the Amsterdam tournament, the first tournament of Viktor…



David Bronstein – The tricky David !

“Was David Bronstein an outstanding player? He was a genius, what a genius! A genius is somebody ahead of his time, and Bronstein was far ahead of his time.’–Victor Korchnoi. This is the third article in the series “Legends who were near world champions!” Initial years of Bronstein David Bronstein was born on 19 February…


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Paul Keres “The Eternal Second”

Continuing the series of Legends who were near world champions! Today we cover Paul Keres, The Crown Prince of Estonia. Beginning of Chess Paul Keres was born on 7 January 1916 in Narva, Estonia. His father and brother taught him the basics of chess. As he lived in a small town, chess literature was scarce….