Book Review – Fundamental Chess: Logical Decision Making

Author of the Book – R.B. Ramesh

Publishing Year – 2018

Published By – Metropolitan Chess Publication


Fundamental Chess: Logical Decision Making is one of those books which one can read at any point of life. The book is very instructive and explains the best possible way to practice fundamental chess.

What to Expect?

As the name suggests, this book is all about the thinking process, applying the knowledge of general principles in one’s game. This book is divided into 3 Parts.

  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Practical Chess Play
  3. Fundamentals of Chess Training

A good amount of concepts are covered in these topics. The narration and analysis are well balanced which is a good blend for people who are reluctant to heavily analysed books.


What is a Unique thing in this Book?


To explain this, I will share my experience when I attended a camp of R.B.Ramesh sir in 2017, organized by I-Lead Chess Academy which is headed by Hemangi Gupta. When I started to read this book, it was a sheer resemblance to Sir’s words from the camp. I felt as if I am attaining his lessons 1-1 while going through the chapters.


For whom will this book suit the best?


Anyone above 1400 up to 2400 is the best-suited group according to me. Especially the tips given at in Part 3 on Fundamentals of Chess Training is useful to everyone.


What did I like?


The words used are very simple and easy to remember during games. Also, the anecdotes given at regular intervals made an impact on me. The material in this book is presented in a very systematic way.


From where can you buy this Book?

 Amazon link for the book is here.

About the Book Author-


GM R.B. Ramesh is a well-known chess coach and also was a strong player before switching to coaching. He was an expert commentator in Carlsen – Anand World Chess Championship 2013. He was also the coach of Indian Team in Chess Olympiad 2018, Batumi, Georgia.


The Publisher –


NM Gupta Ankit is the commissioning editor of  Metropolitan Chess Publication. Their intention is to promote and support the game of chess through community outreach and local, national and international partnerships. They are creating their own DVDs and other chess Content.

Boook Review – Endgame Strategy by Mihail Shereshevsky

Author of the Book – Mikhail Shereshevsky

Publishing Year – 1981

Published By – Everyman chess


What to Expect –

Endgame strategy is one of the best classics. This book was published in the Russian language in 1981. (yes, around 40 years back!) The first English edition was published in 1985 by everyman chess. This book is an attempt to study and systemize certain basic practical principles of the playing of chess endings. This book contains an interesting selection of endings along with classic examples. The author aims in the first instance to explain the course of the struggle, penetrate into the psychology of the players’ actions and to focus readers’ attention.

What is the uniqueness of this book –

This book focuses on complex endgame with many pieces. Positions are also selected carefully. The author covered many topics from pawns to queens. This book also focuses on the problem of exchanges, how to use two bishops, 3 vs 2 pawn structure, etc. It was very difficult to produce any chess book in 1981 but Shereshevsky was the one who published many books at that time.

For whom will this book suit the best?

This book is recommended for those who know basic principles and types of core endgame. This book can be studied from beginner to master and for beginner, those who played 6-8 classical tournaments can check this book.

What did I like about this book?

I find chapter names quite interesting such as, Do not hurry, Principle of two weaknesses, etc. Because every time before we purchase any book, we read the preface and index. I also like the chapter introduction very much. I have completed this book almost 2 times. According to me, this book can be studied repetitively to enjoy the beauty of chess.


From Where Can You Buy This Book?

You can buy this book from amazon. If you are Indian, you will get this book at only 420 rs. We have attached the Amazon link below.

Amazon India –

Amazon (worldwide) –


About the author

The author is one of the strongest players from Byelorussia, who has worked extensively as a trainer. Shereshevsky taught endgame to many young Russian talents. He also worked with Dvoryetsky Mark.


About the publisher

Everyman Chess, formerly known as Cadogan Chess, is a major publisher of books and CDs about chess. “Everyman” is a registered trademark of Random House and the company headquarters is in London. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is their chief advisor and John Emms is the general editor, assisted by Richard Palliser. The company is now known as “Gloucester Publishers”.

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Unusual Chess Puzzles – Part 2

Today we present you with 2nd puzzle of the series Unusual Chess Puzzle. Check the previous puzzle here. Today’s puzzle is unique in its own way. The best part of such puzzles is that you just need to know how the pieces move. No need to have a rating or huge experience in chess. You can solve it through logical thinking. So let me present you the puzzle.

Puzzle –

In this puzzle, white will play his 4 moves f3, Kf2, Kg3, Kh4. Black has to make legal moves and checkmate white on 4th move. You have the liberty to make any random moves with black to deliver a checkmate. Below I will show the diagram of moves for those who are not familiar with the notation in chess.

Starting position. Here white starts with 1.f3
Position after 4 moves.

Those who don’t know the notation can play through the moves on lichess and paste the notation in the comments section!

Try solving this puzzle for at least 3 days before checking the answer below.

1 – f3 e5

2- Kf2 Qf6

3- Kf3 Qf3 

4- Kh4 Be7#

For improvement in your tactical play, here are some books that highly recommended by chessarticle –

Book Review : Chess Brilliancy

Author of the Book – Iakov Dawsky

Publishing Year – 2002

Published By – Everyman Chess

What to Expect?

Chess Brilliancy is a very interesting book. This book presents you with 250 classic brilliancies which were rewarded for their elements. One can expect a lot of power-packed games with huge creativity. A small introduction about the games or the tournament and games with fewer variations and few insights from players. Some of the games are positional while some are attacking some show deep calculations while some blow up our imagination.

What is a Unique thing in this Book?

This book throws light on the era where several tournaments used to award prizes for best games for the round and for the event. I have to appreciate the author for his efforts on compiling these 250 games, maintaining standings of prizes.


For whom will this book suit the best?

This book is a Gem. Anyone who has studied chess for over 6 months or knows basics and some normal tactics can enjoy this book. According to me, this book can be studied repetitively to enjoy the beauty of chess.


What did I like?

I enjoyed each and every game. I have studied some games 4-5 times! As they are so interesting and have also made a deep impression on me.  I appreciate every game in this book but to give a glimpse of this book, Below I share with you 3 games I liked the most.

White to Play
Black to Play
White to Play. Nowadays this move is a theory!

Check the games below to see if you got the moves right!



From where can you buy this Book?

Chess Brilliancy book is available on at Rs 300/- Here is the link of the same.

About the Book Author-

Iakov Damsky, a Russian sports journalist, is also an experienced chess writer and he has written books viz Attack with Mikhail Tal (with Mikhail Tal) The Art of Defence in Chess (with Lev Polugayevsky) and The Heavy Pieces in Action.

The Publisher

Everyman Chess, formerly known as Cadogan Chess, is a major publisher of books and CDs about chess. “Everyman” is a registered trademark of Random House and the company headquarters is in London. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is their chief advisor and John Emms is the general editor, assisted by Richard Palliser. The company is now known as “Gloucester Publishers”.

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Book Review – Positional Play

Author Of Book – Jacob Aagaard
Publishing Date – 2012
Published By – Quality Chess


Positional play is one of the 6 books of grandmaster preparation series published by Quality Chess. Other books in this series are Attack and Defence, Endgame Play, calculation, strategic play, thinking inside the box. This grandmaster preparation series is one of the bestseller book series in the chess world.

Positional play is one of those books one has to have in his library if he is Rated Above 1800. This book explains how to improve the position. This is one of the best books I have come across.

The uniqueness of this book

In this book, you will find chapters like weakness, Pieces, Prophylaxis, Exercises and Solutions.
The book helps a player to improve his skills in playing dry or slow positions. For me, this is the Bible to learn Positional Chess!

Who can read?

This book is quite a high level and as per my opinion, this book is perfect for players who are above 1800 rating. Others also can solve this book but the positions are really not that easy.

What did I like?

This book develops a new angle of the reader on how to continue positions by slowly improving them. The explanation given by Jacob is nice. The way he narrates the first game against Surya is very interesting. I like the way the author has arranged the chapters. The positions are of high quality. As I mentioned in the previous article, I liked the page quality of quality chess books. This book is defiantly worth buying.

From where you can buy the Positional Play book?

The original price of this book is 29.99USD or 22.95 EURO. If you are an Indian reader then you will get this book in only 1299 rs from Amazon India. If you are from outside India then you can buy from Amazon India or website. We have attached both links.

Buy from Amazon India –

Here is the link for Indians.

Buy from –

Here is the of

About the book author –

Jacob Aagaard was born on 31st July 1973. Jacob is a well-known author and coach in chess. He has already written more than 20 books, also became a British chess champion in 2007, and got the Senior Fide Trainer title in 2012. He is famous for writing high-quality books even suitable for GM level also. His famous books include grandmaster preparation series of 6 books and Practical chess defence.  He trained already many Grandmasters which include GM Sam Shankland. He also runs 365 chess academy which is completely online and at very affordable rates. Check out from here.

About the publisher

Quality chess is a UK based company. This was founded by GM Jacob Aagaard, GM John Shaw, and IM Ari Ziegler. Quality chess is currently dominating the chess market and currently one of the top publications in the chess world. Most of the books from quality chess are very famous. The page quality and binding quality is also excellent.