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7 Things Why Lichess Is Best Website To Play And Study Chess

Lichess is currently one of the most popular websites to play chess. Thibault Duplessis from France formed lichess in 2010. As of September 15, 2020, had a global rank of 1,307 at Alexa, with most of its visitors coming from the United States, India, and Germany.

Lichess is a completely free service to everyone and they don’t have a big team. Lichess is my personal favorite website because of its playing experience. Here are some key points why I think lichess is the best website all over the world.

1- Completly Free

Lichess is completely free and there are very few businesses that run absolutely free. If lichess started to run google ads then it can easily earn thousands of dollars. When I am writing this article there are 127000+ players who are playing on lichess. Currently, lichess is the only website in chess that is completely free and has huge traffic. Lichess uses the patreon model to fund their cost. When anyone donates any amount then they get a special Patreon. The badge on there profile. There are various lichess users who have donated to lichess in the form of lifetime membership. This membership is priced at 250USD.

2- Lichess analysis tools

Currently, I think lichess is one of the best tools to analyze your own games. Go to tools- analysis board and then you will be able to analyze your game. Currently, lichess is using stockfish 12 which is also completely free to use source engine.

3- Puzzles

Recently lichess redesigned their puzzle section. Those who are finding good puzzles then they should defiantly solve lichess puzzles. In last month lichess started the puzzle dashboard and puzzle storm. Lichess also included 63000 puzzles in their lichess database. These puzzles are open source and can be downloaded in PGN and can be used to create any data or ebook or etc.

In puzzle storm, you will get 3 min and you have to solve maximum puzzles. Other websites started similar features before lichess but they offered in premium package. Lichess is 1st website to launch this feature for free. You can download these puzzles from here.

4- Lichess Coaches

Lichess only allows coach applications from titled players. That’s why spammers and fake profiles are not entertained. Lichess also offers a separate page for coaches where they can attach their photos and accomplishments. All applications are verified by lichess team members.

Lichess also offers a lichess classes section where you can add your students and send them messages, notes and track their progress. This feature is also exclusively available on lichess only. apply from here.

5-Organizing a Tournament

It is very easy to create tournaments on lichess. Players can also join the tournament with a link and password. This feature allows players to create tournaments with friends. Organizers also prefer lichess because it is very simple to use. Lichess also has good anti-cheating members.

You can easily create a tournament with various variants, swiss tournaments, club tournaments, club battles,s, etc.

6- Playing experience

The playing experience is also amazing on lichess. Lichess is very fast and has a very less lagging issue. I haven’t faced any server down issues on lichess. lichess also improves their playing experience from time to time. Lichess also offers many variants such as horde, king on the hill, chess 960, etc.

7- Open source code

All codes are free to use. You can use lichess codes to develop your website and it is amazing. there are no copyrights, patents,s, etc. Since lichess is always free to everyone, Thibault thinks that all codes should also be free. There are various websites that have been inspired by lichess codes.

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