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7 Chess mistakes which beginners should avoid

Chess is a game full of creativity. Each player makes mistakes and the one who makes the last mistake gets punished. Once you are introduced to chess and you know basics, you start searching for the Dos and Dont’s in Chess. So today I point out some mistakes which beginner should avoid.

1. Ruining Pawn structure.

Beginners in Chess often make their pawns doubled. This is one of the mistakes which can be seen in every beginner’s game. You just need to remember not to get your pawns doubled. This ruins the pawns structure which helps your opponent to get easy targets. It also splits the flank pawns which are tough to defend in endings.

2. Move the Bishop and exchange it with the Knight.

A lot of times I see players playing Bg5 and Bxf6 or Bb5 and Bxc6. There is no point in exchanging the pieces in that way. Once you start controlling your habit of exchanging pieces in that way, you will get way better at chess.

3 Rolling pawns in front of castled king.

The basic aim of casting is to keep the king safe. So if you yourself play g4 with white or g5 with black. Then it helps your opponent to find weaknesses in front of your king. This will lead to some tactics and you will be facing checkmate in no time.

4. Playing absurd openings like 1.g4/b4

There is this trend that a lot of beginners learn from youtube. So some of the content does have suggestions like 1.g4 which is very weird. It is not at all a sound opening. If you want to know whether the opening you play is sound or not just check if any top players play it or not and judge accordingly.

5. Keep pieces hanging.

If you are a beginner you should remember to keep your pieces supported. Once you learn tactics then you can go on experimenting. Then you can rely on your tactics.

6. Exchange material even when they are material down.

Once you are material down you should remember to keep as many pieces as possible. With each piece exchanged, it helps your opponent to get closer to winning.

7. Unnecessarily play fast without calculating.

Beginners are used to playing fast without thinking much. So to develop your game you should learn to think for some time longer. To get better at calculation one should have a habit of slowly calculating so that the calculation can be perfect.

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