6 Gift ideas for chess players

When it comes to chess players it is always a question of what to gift. Here is a list of some amazing gifts that you can give to chess players, chess coaches, chess students. You can gift these gifts on your birthday, Christmas or even on international chess day!

1- Chess.com membership 

Chess.com membership is an amazing gift to give to anyone who is deeply interested in chess. Chess.com offers various benefits especially for those who are below the 1800 rating. If you are Indian you can get this in just 3499 rs and if you are from another country then it will cost 99$. Chess.com is an amazing way to start your chess journey. Read these 2 article to get knowledge about diamond, premium, gold membership and which is suitable to gift.



2- chess24 membership

Those who are serious about chess and want to improve their chess with a minimum amount should look to purchase chess24 membership. Chess24 also offers various benefits on membership. This membership will cost you less than 150$ and you can save your yearly coaching expenses! If you are not sure about gifting chess.com or chess24 membership then click to read the article.

3- Chess merchandise 

Chess merchandise is the best way to gift your loved one. It can be t-shirts, shirts, caps or anything. There is plenty of such websites that offer this product at your doorstep. Some of these websites include chess.com, chess24.com

4- Chess essentials 

Gifting chess essentials such as chess board, chess pieces is also good idea. Kids love thematic chess boards very much. You can get chess essentials at various prices from 15$ to 500$. you can purchase this from websites like worldchess, paramountdealz, chessbazaar etc.

5 – Lichess.org patreon badge

Lichess is completely free website and fastest growing chess website in 2020. They offer every service for free without taking any money. Although they run on donation model. Those who donate there account get special badge of wings. This is cheapest way to gift awsome gift. 

6- Planner, Organiser, Diary

If chess player wants to become successful then they should follow daily schedule and should practice every day. For this planners and organiser is best way to gift to chess players. chess players will definatly love it. Even this gift can be useful for them to set other goals in life also. You can buy this gift from many websites such as amazon, ebay, etsy etc.

If you have more gift ideas then let us know in comment section below!