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6 Chess strategy for beginners

Have you wanted to beat a strong chess player? Have you wanted to become a strong chess player? Then you have to follow some strategies that will help you to improve your game and help to improve your chess strength. Every time you don’t have to practice a lot, sometimes you have to do smart practice also. Here are some tips that will help to improve your level.

1- Select easy and safe openings

As a beginner, it is important to choose a simple and safe opening from both sides. If you choose a very difficult opening then you have to prepare for a long and you don’t have time to improve your middlegame and endgame. Until 2200 rating opening doesn’t matter much. From white or black you can try the fianchetto setup. Fianchetto setup is easy to play and you can play easily for at least 20-25 moves if you don’t do any mistakes.

You can read our post on 10 aggressive chess openings for white and 10 aggressive chess openings for black.

2- Central control

E4, D4, D5, and E5 are four center squares on the chessboard. you should try to capture the center square with pieces or pawns. If you are able to keep the pressure on the center square then almost 90% of you will win the game. The center is the most important section of the board since your pieces can pretty much have access to the whole board when they are correctly located in the center.

3- Castle as early as possible

Castling is a move in the game of chess involving a player’s king and either of the player’s original rooks. castling’s main aim is king safety. You should try to castle as early as possible, maybe on move 4-6. Castling also ensures the king’s safety.

For beginners and intermediate chess players, if your castle is in the first 10 moves, you will not lose any game easily.

4- Avoid exchanges

Many beginner players are interested to go to the endgame. But I wanted to tell you that don’t go to an endgame. You should develop your middlegame skills if you really improve your chess. The middle game is key to winning the game. Many coaches focus on openings much but you have to focus on the middlegame.

5- Solve puzzles regularly

Many players don’t solve puzzles but trust me solving puzzles is an amazing way to improve your chess strength. you can solve puzzles from many websites like,, and or there are many apps such as tactics frenzy and checking apps. You can solve puzzles at any time or with any movement. try to solve at least daily 5 puzzles.

6- Don’t move your queen in the opening

Queen is a sensitive piece. First, you should develop your all pieces and pawns and then should try to develop your queen. Queen is a major piece in chess. If your queen gets trapped then you can lose your game immediately. Also, you cannot attack directly with the queen. You need minor pieces and a queen to set up deadly combinations on the opponent king.

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