5 top websites to buy chess boards in 2021

If you are in this article then defiantly you are a chess lover or chess player. In this article, we are going to see 5 top chess websites from which you can buy awesome chess boards. There are many types of wood in chess boards such as rosewood, Sheesham, etc. Generally, wooden chess board price ranges from 100$ to 500$. Even chess boards are useful for checkers also. Let’s start

1- Digital Game Technology

Digital Game Technology is an official chess set manufacturing company. The company was established in 1992. This company is the biggest manufacturer of Digital chess boards and chess clocks also. DGT also offers non-electronic chess sets at an affordable price ranging from 100$ to 300$. The overall standard of DGT is of high quality. It is currently the top manufacturer in the chess world.

Buy DGT board from here – http://www.digitalgametechnology.com/

2- Paramount Deals

Paramount Deals is an Indian company and one of the biggest manufacturers of chess boards and pieces. This company offers chess boards at a cheap price compared to other top websites. Price range for wooden boards starts from 100$ to 250$.

Check out the wooden chess board from here – https://www.paramountdealz.com/product-category/chess-boards/bud-rosewood-chess-boards/

3- World chess

World chess is the biggest company in chess broadcasting. It was the official broadcasting partner in world chess championship matches, World cup matches. World chess is not one of the leading manufacturers of chess boards but I particularly liked one chess set of world chess. It is the best chess set with free delivery at a very cheap price. Other than chess set company offers multiple memberships and help players to get online chess rating.

Checkout chess set – https://shop.worldchess.com/shop/official-plastic-chess-set

4- Chess Bazaar

chessbazaar.com is based in Mohali, Punjab, India chess bazaar was started in the year 2007. This website also offers free delivery all across the globe. The company also claims they offer the quickest after sales service all over the world. The only drawback is their price range is on the high side compared to other websites.

Visit chess Bazaar from here – https://www.chessbazaar.com/

5- The House Of Staunton

This company is the biggest company in the USA. This company is well known to non-chess players also. Their products are crafted from a wide range of materials, including such luxurious materials as EbonyBlood RosewoodAmboyna Burl, and Walnut Burl. The House of Staunton has sponsored many events such as the United States of America chess championship. The price range for wooden chess boards starts from 200$ to 5000$. Those who want to buy luxury chess sets should defiantly look to their boards

Official website of the house of Staunton – https://www.houseofstaunton.com/

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