4 Shocking resignations in Chess

Life is unpredictable is what we face regularly. Have you ever felt that while trying to achieve something you gave up on it quite early when you could have tried a bit more? Or have you ever been in a situation where nerves got to you and you blundered in a totally winning position? Today we are going to look at 4 resignations in chess where the player who was winning, resigned the game!

Chess is such a complicated game that even at times best in the world judge the position incorrectly. This happens in a game and it is obvious, if you don’t see a move, you can’t be blamed for it. So let’s see the 4 shocking resignations in Chess.


White to play

In the above game, from a speed chess championship match. Hou Yifan was white and Hikaru Nakamura was black. If you see, Black is threatning a checkmate in 1 move with Rhxh3 and white shockingly resigned in this position! White missed that c8(Q) protects pawn on h3. Quite shocking!


Black to play

White created a very interesting attack and seemed to have defeated black psychologically. Try to find out how can black save the game and get a winning advantage!


Here white played Rh8+ and black resigned

Black totally forgot the end of his calculation, Rh8+?? – Kxh8! Kxg6+ – Rxe5! and black can capture the pawn on e7. I consider this as an unpredictable resignations in Chess

Black to play

Considering that d4 Bishop is pinned and Rook on d7 is hanging, Black resigned. Well, there is a move which not only saves the game but also gives a winning advantage for Black!


These were 4 shocking resignations in Chess. The answers to the 2 positions will be given in the next article on the same topic, till then keep trying! Keep practising chess!