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3 Interesting Chess Fortress- Part 2.


Chess Fortress are those unique positions where a player with material disadvantage is able to set up a position where the opponent doesn’t have a breakthrough. One has to know a lot of fortresses as you cannot guarantee that you will be in winning position in every game. Here is the Part 1 or 3 Interesting chess Fortress

All the positions are shown with White having the material advantage and are also possible if the colours are reversed.

  1. Two Knights v/s lone King

Two knights cannot checkmate a lone king! That is a useful defensive idea as it can help someone escape with a draw. Try to checkmate someone with two knights. If you have two knights then it is only possible to win if your opponent has a pawn on or behind the Troitsky’s line! We will see that in a different article.

  1. Queen v/s 2 Knights

The two knights who disappoint us to win against a lone king turn into a hero when they save against a queen. A Queen can overpower and beat two bishops, a bishop and a knight but fails to crash through two knights! Two knights cannot win against a lone king but they can defend against a queen!

Following is the concept we must remember to make a draw. The Knights should stay together and not protected by each other.

  1. Wrong Rook Pawn.

If you are a piece up then you generally exchange all pieces and win! But you always need to be careful about the wrong rook pawn. So the wrong rook pawn is when the attacking piece is having a Bishop and a pawn but the bishop is of the opposite colour to which the pawn promotes. In this scenario, the pawn is not able to promote so it is not a winning advantage.

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