3 Interesting Chess Fortress – Part 1


Chess Fortress are those unique positions where a player with material disadvantage is able to set up a position where the opponent doesn’t have a breakthrough. One has to know a lot of fortresses as you cannot guarantee that you will be in winning position in every game.

All the positions are shown with White having the material advantage and are also possible if the colours are reversed.

1. Queen v/s Rook+ Pawn

When the Knight File pawn is on its initial square and King is on the first Rank. Then the Defender has to just play his Rook on the square where the pawn protects it. Like in the above example. Here Rf6 and Rh6 is all Black has to play. White King cannot surpass the 6th Rank and White Queen alone cannot deliver a Checkmate.




2. Queen V/s Bishop + Knight.

When my friend stated that a Queen cannot surpass a Bishop and Knight, I was wondering how. Then when I saw this following position, I realized it’s the same thing. White King cannot reach near to Black’s king.

3. Bishop +knight file pawn vs pawn.

This is one of the theoretical draws and it is very interesting because Former US Champion Sam Shankland resigned in a drawn position.

Here the white king cannot attack the pawn without forcing a stalemate. So it is a draw.

Sam Shankland shockingly resigned in the above position as it is a draw.

These were some fortress, there are many more. We will be back with another interesting article on Fortress in chess. Do comment which one did you like the most!

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