2 player chess online – websites, play with friends

The chess game is the only game that you can play online with the same professionalism. There are many 2 player chess online websites where 2 players can play with each other. We will see the websites one by one.



chess .com is the number 1 chess website currently. Chess.com has millions of users. Chess.com offers multiple features such as puzzle rush, variants, 4 player chess, lessons, videos, coaches. We have compared websites with each other in a separate article. You can read from here. On this website, you can play 2 player chess easily. First, you have to register and then you can challenge to each other. Here is a detailed procedure of how you can play with each other

  1. Register your account with this link – https://www.chess.com/register
  2. After registration goes to play menu and select live chess option.

  3. Then you will find a custom challenge option. Click on that option.

  4. Click on select and put your friend’s username 
  5. Set time control, color, and send the challenge. 
  6. When your friend will accept the challenge then the game will start automatically.



Lichess.org is completely free of cost software created by Thibault Duplessis of France. Lichess become very popular when coronavirus spread all over the world. Lichess is completely free and everyone can play. It is very easy to use the software. On lichess, you can play, create tournaments, solve puzzles, use various tools, etc. Here is the procedure to play on a lichess with your friend. 

  1. Create an account with this link – https://lichess.org/signup
  2. After sign in click on play with a friend

  3. Set your preferred time control, color
  4. When the opponent will accept this challenge, the Game will start automatically


Playchess is free software created by ChessBase. Chessbase is a leading company in producing high-quality chess material. PlayChess was very famous before 2015. On play chess, you can play multiple variants as well as watch top-level games. Often they organize top-level webinars for their premium members. You can play 2 player chess online on that software. Download software from here- https://play.chessbase.com/en

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