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Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you a few features of which always make me happy and improve my knowledge of the game! Apart from playing on, which is the speciality of it, You can check out my 5 favourite features of chesscom

Latest Articles –

Articles on any current topic or controversy are published on As it is one of the largest and trustworthy platforms, team brings the latest news while it also allows readers to present their articles which people might like and wish to share. Also, a lot of titled players keep on writing informative blogs which discuss some interesting topics in chess. If you fulfil criteria of chesscom then you can apply for a top blogger on chesscom, provided you need to keep writing at regular intervals.

Puzzles –

Puzzles feature has sub-features where puzzles are divided and also presented in a challenging way in the form of survival. It also has a column of drills where beginners can train to win games with Queen vs King or 2 Rook checkmate etc. Another point of puzzles is the puzzles keep us in shape and then if you can reduce your blunders you will automatically start winning games.

Variants for fun –

Variants on chesscom are amazing. It always puts me in awe how can some team come up with so high-class variants in chess. The blindfold, bughouse and 4 player chess are my favourite variants in chess. Also if you check there are a few variants like crazy house which can be played by persons who play chess for pure fun.

So above were 3 of my favourite features on chesscom. If you want to know more about them then you can find it on 

Do mention in the comments section if which feature do you like the most?

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5 features you must know! is one of the most popular chess websites in the world. Recently due to queen’s gambit series on Netflix, got 5x more registration. If you haven’t signed up on you can sign up from here. Read this post before sign up to get more benefits. In this article, we will see 5 hidden features of that can be useful for players of all ages. For some features, you may include a premium membership which you can purchase from here.

1- Vision Feature

This is the best feature of for beginners that many players don’t know. Basically in the vision feature, you have 30 seconds and you have to fid co-ordinates. Understanding chessboard and remembering squares are the processes which you should do on daily basis.

2- Drills

Drills are a premium feature offered by In drills, there are several positions from middlegame to endgame. This feature is useful for beginners as well as professional players. There are the following benefits given by if you solve drills daily.

Play Key Positions vs Computer
Strengthen Tactical Decisions
Improve Positional Play

3- Coaches

If you are a beginner offers a dedicated coach page. On the coaching page, you will find various coaches in almost every country and at different levels. You can hire GM also. is very particular about coaches. They select each coach manually so students get the best deals every time. They don’t even charge a penny for students or coaches for this service But always research about the coach whom you are planning to contact. You can read an article about how to find a good chess coach.

4- Blog offers a blog feature to everyone. If you don’t want to build your own website or you want a ready targeted audience then the blog is the best marketplace. You can post anything related to chess on this blog. You can see there are many GMs and titled players who write regularly on the blog. If you become a famous blogger then you can apply for top blogger. Top blogger gets top priority on the page. I also have written a blog post and the result was amazing. In my 1st blog post, I got more than 950+ views. You can check my blog and you should also try to start a blog.

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2 player chess online – websites, play with friends

The chess game is the only game that you can play online with the same professionalism. There are many 2 player chess online websites where 2 players can play with each other. We will see the websites one by one. 

chess .com is the number 1 chess website currently. has millions of users. offers multiple features such as puzzle rush, variants, 4 player chess, lessons, videos, coaches. We have compared websites with each other in a separate article. You can read from here. On this website, you can play 2 player chess easily. First, you have to register and then you can challenge to each other. Here is a detailed procedure of how you can play with each other

  1. Register your account with this link –
  2. After registration goes to play menu and select live chess option.

  3. Then you will find a custom challenge option. Click on that option.

  4. Click on select and put your friend’s username 
  5. Set time control, color, and send the challenge. 
  6. When your friend will accept the challenge then the game will start automatically.


Lichess is completely free of cost software created by Thibault Duplessis of France. Lichess become very popular when coronavirus spread all over the world. Lichess is completely free and everyone can play. It is very easy to use the software. On lichess, you can play, create tournaments, solve puzzles, use various tools, etc. Here is the procedure to play on a lichess with your friend. 

  1. Create an account with this link –
  2. After sign in click on play with a friend

  3. Set your preferred time control, color
  4. When the opponent will accept this challenge, the Game will start automatically


Playchess is free software created by ChessBase. Chessbase is a leading company in producing high-quality chess material. PlayChess was very famous before 2015. On play chess, you can play multiple variants as well as watch top-level games. Often they organize top-level webinars for their premium members. You can play 2 player chess online on that software. Download software from here-

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