3 ways to earn money by playing chess

What are the ways to earn money from chess? I saw this question much time and now I will write a full detailed answer in form of an article.

Most of the beginner players only know earning money is possible by playing chess and coaching but they probably don’t know many other ways which are available and many players who are earning a decent amount of money through it.

If we compare chess to other big sports like cricket or football then we will see that there are very low prize funds in chess if you are not On the top 10 lists. Watch the following video of GM Hikaru Nakamura to see how much top grandmasters make.

Most of the grandmasters who is below 2600 make anywhere between $1500-$4000. If you are living in top countries then this is very less because expenses are very high but if you are a grandmaster from a developing country or underdeveloped countries then it is a very good amount of money.

But this case is for the grandmaster. But what if you are a 2200 or 1800 or even 1400 rated player? How you can earn money from chess? Let’s see some of the best ways to earn money through chess.

1- Playing chess

This is a very traditional way. By playing chess top players are earning a decent amount. But if you are rated below 2000 or below 2200 then most probably it is very difficult to win the prize and live a happy life.

There are many below tournaments but in which you have limitations. You cannot play and win each and every below tournament

If you are IM or GM and even sometimes a +2200 player then you can defiantly earn money through playing leagues that pay anywhere from $100-$1000 per game!

But these league tournaments happen only in European countries so if you are not from Europe then it is very difficult to travel for league tournaments.

As per my knowledge, Only grandmasters can survive by playing chess tournaments.


Coaching is the best way to earn money to this date. Anyone can take coaching. Coaching is a different kind of skill. You can easily do coaching to your relatives, friends.

There are 2 types of coaching. Online coaching and offline coaching. Online coaching and offline coaching. Generally, offline coaching prices are 1.5x or 2x compare to online coaching.

if you are a rated player above 1400 then you will get few students easily. You can create your brochure and circulate it to your relative’s and friends’ circle. Most probably you will get your first 3-4 students very easily. 

There are many websites where you can list as a chess coach.

Following are major services

  • Chess.com
  • lichess
  •  coaches

When you start coaching, Keep in mind that give your 100% efforts towards your students.

How much you can make through coaching?

Online coaching is becoming very popular nowadays. Following are the estimated charges for online coaching. You can take 1.5x or 2x for offline coaching.

This range is very wide I will say anywhere from $5 to $125. I have excluded 2700+ grandmasters because some of them take even more than 125$

In general, the grandmaster charges $30-$120. International Master charges $20-$50. Fide master charges $10-$25.

Most players whose rating is above 2000, charge $5-$20. Below 2000 rated player charge $3-$15.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you promote products and you get some commission when someone purchases their products.

Many chess websites offer affiliate programs where you can sign up and start earning commissions.

How you can do affiliate marketing?

  • You can start your own chess blog and start promoting products.
  • Start your youtube channel and start promoting products
  • Start your Facebook page or Instagram page and start promoting products.

How much you can earn?

Affiliate marketing has a lot of potentials. If you focus on personal branding then affiliate marketing is very easy.

You have to create trust in viewers’ minds and then you can start earning.

Many affiliate programs give 30%-50% commission on each sale. Suppose you sell only 10 programs and each program cost 100$ then effectively you will earn $300-$500.

Affiliate marketing is a process. You continuously have to promote various products, post various things.

There are various youtube channels and blogs about affiliate marketing. You can watch videos and read blogs to set detailed knowledge.

  Some best affilate programms

  • ichess
  • chess.com
  • the chess world
  • chess24
  • chessbase
  • Amazon
  • staunton chess
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5 best book for chess openings

There are thousands of chess books are available in the market. Many of them are published by top publishers. Ofter there is an issue which book is to purchase.

Here we are going to help you with some of the amazing chess books which are written by grandmasters and top players.

Following is the list of 5 best book for chess openings

1- Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 vs Minor Defences by Parimarjan Negi

Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi got the grandmaster title when he was just 13 years old. He was a prodigy at that time.

He further studied in a university located in the USA. at that time he has written chess repertoire against e4. This book became very famous.

After this success, he launched another 2 books with quality chess publications.

In this book, he covered Alekhine, Pirc, Modern Pirc defense, and Scandinavian plus various offbeat alternatives Black may try.

Negi’s latest work continues the winning formula of his previous books: the 1.e4 repertoire is founded on established main lines and turbo-charged with the innovative ideas of a world-class theoretician, making this an essential addition to the library of every ambitious player.

2-The Exhilarating Elephant Gambit by Michael Agermose Jensen and Jakob Aabling-Thomsen

The Elephant Gambit is perhaps the boldest opening in all of the chess theory. By meeting 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 with 2…d5!?, Black takes the fight to his opponent and aims to seize the initiative as early as possible.

This line is completely new in the market and this is the first book published on elephant gambit by quality chess.

The author Jakob is an international master. Another author Michael Agermose Jensen is also an experienced chess player.

This book will cover the entire elephant opening from the black side. Basically, this opening is perfect for blitz and rapid games.

This is a new opening trend and you can prepare if you are 2000 rated or below. you can easily trick your opponent.

3-Grandmaster Opening Preparation by Jaan Ehlvest

Jaan Ehlvest is an Estonian-American grandmaster, a former Estonian Champion, and a former Soviet and European Junior Champion. Ehlvest is also an Olympiad Gold medallist and has been ranked in the top five in the world.

This book is mainly focused on how to select your openings and why engine lines are not always better.

This book is perfect for all players who are looking for choosing a good opening. This book is also focusing on isolated queen pawn structures.

This book is perfect for all players without any rating barrier.

4- Beat the Najdorf and tiamanov sicilians

Grandmaster SP Sethuraman has written this book. Sethuraman is a very strong player from India and won many major tournaments. Sethuraman also published his course on chessable.

This book is mainly focusing on Najdorf and Taimanov Sicilian. I feel this is one of the best books written ever.

He actually already has a decent reputation as a dangerous theoretician on the white side of 1.e4, and in particular against these two openings. He had shown some interesting ideas in my games over the years which were the result of his real passion for opening knowledge, a trait that has stayed with him throughout his chess career.

5- The Modernized Ruy Lopez for White 

This book Is written by Dariusz Swiercz. Dariusz is currently studying in the USA. He is one of the youngest players in history and the youngest Polish player of all time to qualify for the title of Grandmaster at the age of 14 years and seven months in 2009.

In 2018 he switched his national federation to the United States.[1] Since 2019, Dariusz has been married to Keyla Swiercz.

Ruy Lopez is the most popular opening in chess. In this book, Dariusz explained Ruy Lopez in detail.

This book is basically divided into 2 parts. In 1st part he focused on modern systems and in the 2nd part he focused on traditional systems.


How to analyze a chess position? A complete guide for beginners!

Often players don’t know how to analyze chess positions. In this article, we are going to see some techniques to analyze the chess position.

Why analysis is important?

Analyze a chess position is a very hard and boring part of chess. If you are playing chess in the tournament then you have to analyze the chess position to make a proper plan. Analyzing a chess position is art.

Strong players often analyze games when they are studying. They analyze a single game for more than 3 hours and sometimes more than 1 day. The analysis is a great way to explore chess. In the tournament, you have to be sharp and make the right plan. If you fail to make any plan then you will be suffered a lot.

Tips to analyze a chess position in a tournament game

1- Concentrate – Analysing the position is the hardest part of chess. When you are playing a chess tournament you should concentrate on your position only. To improve your concentration power, you can practice meditation. Meditation keeps your brain sharp.

2- Proper sleep – If you want to keep your brain sharp before your game then you should sleep at least for 8 hours a day in tournament time. Proper sleep help to increase concentration power.

3- Make easy plans- Don’t make a very difficult plan and don’t spend your time In making a plan. Just check you are not doing any blunder and play the move. When you spend the time then you will get time pressure in the endgame and eventually you will be in trouble. Always make easy plans and play fast.

analyze a chess position

How to analyze chess positions at home?

1- Use various tools – If you scroll through this article you will find tools to analyze chess positions. Using various tools will help you to do analysis in a lot easier way.

2- self analyses – This is the most important part of a chess game. Analyzing chess position selfly is a very important part of chess. You should sit in one position and analyze a single position for at least 10-15 min. It will improve your sitting capacity and eventually this will be beneficial for you in a tournament


Selecting a chess position for analyzing the game.

This is a very important part of chess. Selecting a chess position is a very difficult job. Most players get confused about this.

You can use books that are based on positional chess. Here are some suggestions – Improving positional play by Boris Gelfand. The other way is to select any top-player game and start analyzing without an engine. This will help you a lot.

Always try to solve hard positions. Dont select positions which are very basic and easy to do.

Also, you can play online rapid games and analyze critical positions in the game. You can also watch agadmator’s youtube channel and learn how he analyses the game.


Best tools to analyze a chess position

1- Chessbase reader – Chess base is one of the premium software and they provide free software called ChessBase reader. In this software, you can do multiple things. This is the only software that is available which gives a complete package. You can download this software from here.

2- Stockfish engine – Stockfish is a chess engine that is completely free and open-sourced. This is currently one of the best engines available in the chess market. You can use stockfish to analyze your games, finding novelties, and prepare openings. You can download this from here.

3- Lichess – This is also a completely free open-sourced website build via Github. On this website, you can play and learn from various puzzles. Currently, lichess has millions of users and hopefully, it will become a top website in chess.

Read our more articles from here







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4 Best chess openings for beginners

In this article, we are going to see the 5 best chess openings for beginners. As a beginner player, you should more focus on middlegame and endgame. The opening should be your side part. That’s why we will see a simple opening which you can prepare easily.

best openings for beginners

Is opening preparation necessary?

This is a very hard question to answer. I would personally say that opening preparation is not much necessary if you are a beginner or even 1400-1500 FIDE rated. You should mostly focus on middlegame and tactics. Already we have published more than 10 articles about middlegame. you can read that articles.

But in this article, we will see 4 major chess openings which are very easy to prepare and beginners can play easily.

Best chess openings for beginner

1- Reti opening 

Richard Reti was a person to find this reti variation. Reti variation is one of the safest variations from white. You can play the first 10-20 moves fearlessly. We will see more about reti opening in another article.

You can do a standard plan in reti which is Nf3, g3, Bg2, 0-0, d3, Nbd2, e4.

Watch Former world champion Vladimir Kramnik’s games for more insights.

2- Pirc defense

Pirc defense is also a very safe opening from the black side to play. You will defiantly need some preparation to play this line. Pirc is not so much famous on top-level but many players play this line and they are rated around 2550-2600.

You will not need deep preparation. I will recommend you to watch a DVD of Grandmaster Victor Bologan on Modern Pirc.

There are mainly 2 lines which you have to prepare properly, 1st is Austrian attack and 2nd is mainline. Both give some kind of comfortable position to white but still black is fine in every position.

chess books

3- Larsen opening 

1.b3 is called a Larsen opening. This also becomes popular in recent times. White has some very simple plans to play. Min point of this line to activate white’s black square bishop and play with that bishop.

in recent times many players played this b3 opening as their main weapon. Some players include Jobava Badur, Rapport Richard, etc. You can watch this player’s games and get some insights.

For this line, I will suggest playing as many games as possible on your computer or with a friend.

4- Nimzo Indian defense

This is opening which we can play against white’s move 1.d4. Nimzo Indian is the most popular opening in recent times. This opening has some plans which are almost similar in all variation. That’s why it is a very simple line to prepare as a beginner. I will recommend preparing this line from your coach.

You can read our article series on Nimzo Indian Defence which you can see from here. You will get a lot of information from these articles.

Follow top players’ games and analyze that games when you will start preparing Nimzo Indian Defence.

best chess openings

How to prepare chess openings?

Here are some tips from which will help you to prepare chess openings

1- Practice online – Every time you will prepare a new line, don’t forget to play online and try. After every game analyzes all the games which you played. Don’t play more than 10 games in a single sitting.

2- Learn openings from coach – You should hire some coach to teach you openings. The coach will save your time a lot and he can help you in solving your queries. You can find the good coach on lichess coaches or chess.com coaches section.

3- Buy books of that openings – You have to invest some money if you really want to become a strong chess player. Purchase a book of your favorite opening and start your preparation. You can purchase books from quality chess or thinkers publications etc.

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7 chess tips to win every game you play on chess.com

In this article, we are going to see the 10 tips to win every game you play on chess.com or any other chess websites such as lichess or play chess. If you are a beginner player then defiantly this article will help you a lot.

Currently, chess is growing at 10x speed due to movie queen’s gambit and that’s why competition on chess.com has been increased quite a lot. A lot of players are playing online chess. Let’s see the top 10 chess tips to win every chess game you play on chess.com. Some tips are maybe not useful or you will not like that tips.

1- Solve puzzles before playing 

Solving small tactics sharpens your play. Try to solve at least 10 easy puzzles on lichess or chess.com wherever you like. For beginners, solving puzzles is key to improve your rating.

Just start solving puzzles before playing any games. Take a little hard puzzle than your actual level.

2- Concentrate

Concentrate on your game only. Many players listen to songs or eat in-between games. don’t do that. If you really want to win then you have to concentrate. Concentration is the key to win your game.

For improving your concentration you can practice meditation or yoga before playing games. Even if you do daily yoga and meditation then it will be beneficial for you in all aspects of life.

chess, board, game

3- Don’t Accept the takebacks 

This is the rule specifically for beginner players. Don’t accept takeback ever. You are not doing charity. Most people will not accept takeback and you should also do the same. I see many players accept takeback and lose their game and then post on the Facebook group. So better way is not to give takeback.

office, keyboard, job

4- Invest in Mouse.

A lot of players play with a laptop touchpad. I will insist you purchase a good quality mouse and mousepad for you to play a better game. You can play defiantly fast with a mouse.

A good mouse will cost anywhere between $10-$30. Every second is important in online chess games. In the blitz game, you will at least save 5-7 seconds by using the mouse.

5- Stick to one opening

People don’t prepare for online games. Most play to spend their time or to do time pass. So it is better if you stick to one opening with black and one with white only. Day by day you will gain experience in playing those positions and you will get confident.

You can study good openings from various books or lichess and chess.com itself. It is the best way to learn to open from the coach. A coach can train you better than self-study.

6- Play limited games 

Don’t play too many games in one day. I will suggest that playing a maximum of 9 -11 in a day will be best. If you play too many games then you will get bored and results will not come properly.

Focus on that 10 games and give your best. The other side of playing limited games is that you will also feel the scarcity of games and so effectively you will concentrate on the games more.

7- Study basic endgames

Endgame position came in last moves and at the same time, you face time pressure. Studying basic chess endgames is very important for players. Just start with 100 endgames you must know the book. In this book, he has given the best practical position that every player should know. This book is a little bit difficult to do daily 5-6 positions and after finishing, again do 5-6 positions. The best way to do that is to buy chessable course of the endgame. You will learn a lot from that book.


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