This 5 youtubers will actually improve your chess strength

After the release of queen’s gambit on Netflix, chess showed a 5x user increase. Various new streamers, new players came and started recording videos and recording them. Many people don’t have real strength and just uploading videos from which you will learn nothing. If you want to become a strong chess player from a hobby chess player then you should definitely look into these youtube channels without wasting any time.

1- Agadmator chess channel

Antonio Radic who is also known as Agadmator on youtube just hits his 1 million subscribers and he is 1st one who has crossed 1M in chess. Agadmator generally analyses games from top players. He is always on time and analyses the latest top-level games. In his channel, you will see only chess content and nothing else. This channel is definitely suitable for those who are currently rated below 1800.

2- Gotham chess 

IM lavy Rozman is a very strong player from the united states of America. He started his youtube journey in 2020, In just 1 year he gained almost 600K subscribers. His style of teaching is awesome and he is also a top chess streamer on youtube. Gotham’s current rating is 2421. He also launched 5 courses on chess which you can purchase from his official website.

3- GM Hikaru

Hikaru Nakamura, the most famous personality in online chess. He posts regular videos on youtube. He analyses and plays games and his commentary is very entertaining as well as educational. He is one of the top players in chess if we consider rapid and blitz chess. Honestly, you will not learn much from him but you will enjoy his analysis style.

4- Ichess 

Ichess is a fully educational channel. Ichess is one of the biggest websites for online courses. Recently their website is brought by world champion Magnus Carlsen’s company play Magnus. They post regular videos about chess and their quality is also super high. They generally post-opening related content on there channel. Check out their website –

5- IM Eric Rozen 

IM Eric Rosen who is also from the USA. He currently has a 350k+ subscriber base. Recently in 2020 he also started youtube. He is also famous on twitch. He is very polite whenever he speaks something. He also plays rapid or blitz games on lichess and analyses.

This is our pick of 5 chess YouTubers who actually teach chess and not do timepass on streams. If you know more then let us know in the comment section

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My 3 favourite features on

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you a few features of which always make me happy and improve my knowledge of the game! Apart from playing on, which is the speciality of it, You can check out my 5 favourite features of chesscom

Latest Articles –

Articles on any current topic or controversy are published on As it is one of the largest and trustworthy platforms, team brings the latest news while it also allows readers to present their articles which people might like and wish to share. Also, a lot of titled players keep on writing informative blogs which discuss some interesting topics in chess. If you fulfil criteria of chesscom then you can apply for a top blogger on chesscom, provided you need to keep writing at regular intervals.

Puzzles –

Puzzles feature has sub-features where puzzles are divided and also presented in a challenging way in the form of survival. It also has a column of drills where beginners can train to win games with Queen vs King or 2 Rook checkmate etc. Another point of puzzles is the puzzles keep us in shape and then if you can reduce your blunders you will automatically start winning games.

Variants for fun –

Variants on chesscom are amazing. It always puts me in awe how can some team come up with so high-class variants in chess. The blindfold, bughouse and 4 player chess are my favourite variants in chess. Also if you check there are a few variants like crazy house which can be played by persons who play chess for pure fun.

So above were 3 of my favourite features on chesscom. If you want to know more about them then you can find it on 

Do mention in the comments section if which feature do you like the most?

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5 top websites to buy chess boards in 2021

If you are in this article then defiantly you are a chess lover or chess player. In this article, we are going to see 5 top chess websites from which you can buy awesome chess boards. There are many types of wood in chess boards such as rosewood, Sheesham, etc. Generally, wooden chess board price ranges from 100$ to 500$. Even chess boards are useful for checkers also. Let’s start

1- Digital Game Technology

Digital Game Technology is an official chess set manufacturing company. The company was established in 1992. This company is the biggest manufacturer of Digital chess boards and chess clocks also. DGT also offers non-electronic chess sets at an affordable price ranging from 100$ to 300$. The overall standard of DGT is of high quality. It is currently the top manufacturer in the chess world.

Buy DGT board from here –

2- Paramount Deals

Paramount Deals is an Indian company and one of the biggest manufacturers of chess boards and pieces. This company offers chess boards at a cheap price compared to other top websites. Price range for wooden boards starts from 100$ to 250$.

Check out the wooden chess board from here –

3- World chess

World chess is the biggest company in chess broadcasting. It was the official broadcasting partner in world chess championship matches, World cup matches. World chess is not one of the leading manufacturers of chess boards but I particularly liked one chess set of world chess. It is the best chess set with free delivery at a very cheap price. Other than chess set company offers multiple memberships and help players to get online chess rating.

Checkout chess set –

4- Chess Bazaar is based in Mohali, Punjab, India chess bazaar was started in the year 2007. This website also offers free delivery all across the globe. The company also claims they offer the quickest after sales service all over the world. The only drawback is their price range is on the high side compared to other websites.

Visit chess Bazaar from here –

5- The House Of Staunton

This company is the biggest company in the USA. This company is well known to non-chess players also. Their products are crafted from a wide range of materials, including such luxurious materials as EbonyBlood RosewoodAmboyna Burl, and Walnut Burl. The House of Staunton has sponsored many events such as the United States of America chess championship. The price range for wooden chess boards starts from 200$ to 5000$. Those who want to buy luxury chess sets should defiantly look to their boards

Official website of the house of Staunton –

If you are a manufacturer then you can contact us at to add your name to this list.

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Values of pieces in chess

A knight is powerful than a Queen right? It is the most unique piece and other pieces have similar movement. So how can a Queen be stronger than a knight? Today’s article is for the people who are new to chess and want some basics cleared.


Playing Chess is not easy. We need to have a certain direction when having a decision at disposal. Just look at the following position and decide what will you do?

The White Knight is attacking black Rook and so black should protect the Rook by moving it away. It is an obvious decision for a player playing regularly, but if you are new to chess how do you decide if a Knight is strong or a Rook? So for this, we have the Points system in chess. Each Piece is allotted points according to its strength.  For that first look at how many squares does each piece cover at the maximum?

The King

As the whole game depends on the king, it is priceless!

The Queen

The Queen is the most powerful piece so it is given 9 points.

The Rook

The Rook covers a lot of squares so it is given 5 points each.

The Bishop

The Bishop moves only diagonally and moves only in its original colour. It is given 3 points each.

The Knight

The Knight is the trickest pieces and moves in L shape. It is given 3 points each.

The Pawn

Pawn is by far the weakest so it is given 1 point each.



So now you know which piece is stronger as compared to other, you can take decisions in your game according to it.

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Smothered Mate in Chess

Winning a game in Chess gives pleasure. When we manage to checkmate our opponent the joy is of a unique level. There are a lot of unique patterns in chess which lead to checkmate. Today we will look at one such pattern which is called Smothered Mate.  It is a forcing pattern of checks with the combination of a Queen and Knight which force the opponent King in corner and we sacrifice our queen and deliver checkmate with our Knight.


Final Position of Smothered Mate.


Now we see a position.



The above sequence of Queen and Knight checks leads to a forced checkmate!


Now I present a few puzzles.

White to Play
Black to play
White to Play
White to Play



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