4 Shocking resignations in Chess

Life is unpredictable is what we face regularly. Have you ever felt that while trying to achieve something you gave up on it quite early when you could have tried a bit more? Or have you ever been in a situation where nerves got to you and you blundered in a totally winning position? Today we are going to look at 4 resignations in chess where the player who was winning, resigned the game!

Chess is such a complicated game that even at times best in the world judge the position incorrectly. This happens in a game and it is obvious, if you don’t see a move, you can’t be blamed for it. So let’s see the 4 shocking resignations in Chess.


White to play

In the above game, from a speed chess championship match. Hou Yifan was white and Hikaru Nakamura was black. If you see, Black is threatning a checkmate in 1 move with Rhxh3 and white shockingly resigned in this position! White missed that c8(Q) protects pawn on h3. Quite shocking!


Black to play

White created a very interesting attack and seemed to have defeated black psychologically. Try to find out how can black save the game and get a winning advantage!


Here white played Rh8+ and black resigned

Black totally forgot the end of his calculation, Rh8+?? – Kxh8! Kxg6+ – Rxe5! and black can capture the pawn on e7. I consider this as an unpredictable resignations in Chess

Black to play

Considering that d4 Bishop is pinned and Rook on d7 is hanging, Black resigned. Well, there is a move which not only saves the game but also gives a winning advantage for Black!


These were 4 shocking resignations in Chess. The answers to the 2 positions will be given in the next article on the same topic, till then keep trying! Keep practising chess!

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How to spot chess cheating online

Hello Everyone! have you ever thought someone was way too strong for you? Did he play a long game flawlessly? Didn’t give you a single chance? Today after having spent most of my lockdown time playing online, I wish to share a few observations. So let’s see how to spot chess cheating online, and at the end of the article, I will discuss how can there be a few exceptions.

Note – Players considered in this article are Non-Titled ones.

1. The account is recently created –

An account which is recently created is mostly used to cheat in a tournament, these people win cash prizes with fake details and disappear once their account gets banned.

2. The player rarely makes a mistake –

Basically, we are playing online with humans and these expected to make mistakes. Even bullet top players like Hikaru Nakamura or Nihal sarin at times land in tough situations but manage to swindle! So how can a human play such flawless chess consistently?

3. The player keeps beating you until you stop playing –

As these online cheaters are assured of winning every game they tend to keep on beating a player whom they find until he/she stops playing. In this way, these cheaters keep on accumulating points.

4. Fake Usernames –

When you visit your opponent’s profile, you can see that the player has not given his real name and as he is not a titled player, even the websites don’t have the real ID of a player. Contrastingly, If you see a player with his real name given somewhere, then you can assume the player to be a genuine one(of course! why would someone be a daredevil to defame himself)

5. Never streaming their games –

If a player is playing some high-quality chess then I think he does not hesitate to stream his own games. While the cheaters never stream games live.

These are ways to catch chess cheating online.

There are a few exceptions to this,

Speed Run –

Speed Run accounts are created for a fun stream and generally used for 1 day. People mention their real names here.

Titled players with a second account –

It’s a no brainer that most people have 2 accounts, so one is to be used for tournaments, other to experiment some openings or positions.

So these were my observations regarding chess cheating online, I hope I help you to recognize cheaters and reduce your damage.



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Daniil Dubov follows the Quote of Mikhail Tal!

“You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.” – Mikhail Tal [8th World Chess Champion]


Yesterday, Daniil Dubov a Russian Super Grandmaster also the Former World Rapid Champion took on Current World Champion Magnus Carlsen. This was a Quarter-Final match in the Airthings Masters Cup online event. Daniil Dubov was a second in Magnus Carlsen’s team in 2018 World Chess Championship. Everyone was looking forward to this match as both players played over 100 training games prior to 2018 world championship. Generally, Dubov reminds one of Mikhail Tal while Carlsen is Rock Solid. So it was obvious they knew each other quite well.

The format of Knockouts is 2 sets of 4 games each. To win a set you have to score 2.5 points. If the sets are drawn 1-1 then there was a tie-breaker. The First Set saw Magnus striking instantly to go 1-0 up in the match. Then after a draw in the 2nd game, Daniil Dubov won the 3rd game to level scores. With the 4th game drawn the first set was a draw.

Then came the 2nd set. Here Dubov showed his normal style of playing wild and complicated positions. This helped him to go 1-0 up and then he drew the 2nd game. Having white pieces in 3rd game Dubov again started to complicate matters but this time it felt like Magnus was under control and started to take over when Dubov’s advantage slipped. Within Instance, Carlsen made a move which shocked the commentary panel and everyone who was watching the game live. Carlsen had missed an idea and ran into a checkmate.  This was the 3rd time in 2 days that the World Champion’s King was hunted. This reminds us of a famous quote by Former World Champion Mikhail Tal –

An interview after beating Magnus –


Tweets by Magnus post Quarter Finals –



The tweets just showed the respect and dignity the players have for each other! A quality worth learning!

The Semi-Finals will be between

  1. Daniil Dubov – Teimour Radjabov
  2. Levon Aronion – Maxim Vachier Lagrave.



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Your coach knows you well! A perfect advice

Hello Everyone! Today’s article is very special. Today I am sharing a game with you and it also contains a very important message. This is related to a piece of opening advice which my coach gave me to play something out of my comfort zone and I trusted him.

My Coach FM Sajandas Joshi Sir, a Former National “A” player who had a lot of strong championships under his belt. He has a strong understanding of the game and always guides everyone in the best possible way. This perfect advice which he gave me before the match was a turning point as it caught my opponent off guard. So lets begin immediately.


1st July 2019, I was in Serbia with two of my friends, Vedant Pimpalkhare and Anish Gandhi. We had gone to Serbia to play a circuit of 3 Tournaments. This game is from the 2nd tournament – “Nis Open 2019”. 5 rounds were over and I was on 2/5. 30th June was a rest day which was a much-needed one. After indulging in some excursion and taking ample rest, I woke up early on 1st July.

Time for the 6th match. The first thing I did was I called Joshi Sir. I had already seen a few games of my opponent so we directly started discussing the same. My opponent was exclusively playing dxc4 in any Queen’s Gambit or Reti positions is what I informed him, and also shared some points which I had observed about my opponent.

Within no time he said, “You can go for b3 Colle”. Now I knew what b3 Colle is, but I had stopped playing it long back in 2016. So I was in a slight dilemma but just one thought came to my mind and it was “My Coach  knows me well. I trust his words. ”

So as planned I saw a few games on the line and got my doubts cleared. When I went to play, I was confident that his advice will definitely help me and also the way I looked at the Colle system in 2016 was very different than how I played it on that day.


Let’s first see a few critical moments from the game, then check the whole game.

Black, to play, can you guess the drawback of early b3?
White to play. A simple but effective move.
White to play. How do you continue?
White to play. Time for a combination,

This was a short game but I learned an important lesson from it, Your coach knows you better. So always trust your coach, he considers a lot of factors before giving such suggestions, it does turn out to be perfect advice. So I always trust his recommendations without a second thought.

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Studies in chess

When was the last time you took engine assistance to check a position for the correct evaluation? How often do you do that? If you feel that you want to get your habit of checking engine under control j will recommend you to solve studies. So what are studies? Studies in chess which is also known as compositions in chess are unique positions. These positions are very instructive for the following reasons

1. They have a forced win.
2. There is only one solution to the position.
3. The idea is not so obvious
4. Each time you learn a new pattern
5. There are a lot of positions which engine cannot solve which proves that nothing can substitute a human brain!
6. There is no restriction to composition.

So basically studies are widely used as a tool to a calculation by Grandmasters and also they recommend studies for improving calculation. Solving studies is a lot of fun as there are a lot of lines with best possible Defence and after hitting them, then you reach to a solution which is the correct answer.

I will recommend Domination in 2545 endgames by Kasparian. The positions are structured patterns.

Try solving the following position

white to play



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